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October 15 2013



Working for one of the UK's leading IT companies, I often get access to the latest mobile phones.

The latest mobile phone from LG - the LG G2 arrived on my desk a few days ago and I've spend the past week using it as my 'daily driver'.

There's a lot to like balanced with some quirks that make this phone unique.

Here's what I like:

1. the screen is huge, givning the LG G2 great colour reproduction and viewing angles.

2. the form factor is as tall as the HTC One, and close to the height and width of the Samsung Galaxy S4 making the LG G2 easy on the pocked despite its massive 5.2 inch screen.

3. it has loads of power. Described by Phone Dog as being 'too fast' the LG G2 features the fastest CPU available on android at the moment.

4. the back buttons make total sense to me

5. optical image stabalisation is immense!

Here's what annoys me:

1. like the Samsung Galaxy S4 the LG G2's software is overbloated

2. It only comes in the UK with 16gb on board storage

3. the themes are a little child like


If you want the fastest most pocket friendly phone around then i'd definitely recommend the LG G2.
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